Real Estate and Building Contracts

In the beginning there were the marsh, the hoe – and Jussi.”
– Väinö Linna

Land ownership, possession and usage possibilities are subjected to various legal regulations. At Alfa we have a thorough understanding of the legal issues concerning real estate ownership arrangements, property formation and planning of land use. Real estate and construction law is one of the key areas of our firm’s expertise.

In real estate ownership arrangements our firm advises both individual land owners and real estate consortiums. We prepare real estate purchase deeds and deeds of donation as well as leases on land. In addition to conveyancing, changes in land ownership are also realised in distributions of inheritance, when the real property which was in the name of the deceased is transferred to the heirs. Real estate ownership arrangements are often closely connected to inheritance issues and matters relating to guardianship law.

We regularly assist our clients in land division proceedings, such as parcelling out of land, land partitioning and easement proceedings. If the decision by the local surveying office in land division proceedings is negative, the decision can be appealed to the Land Court. We have experience in different types of disputes in land rights law.

The administrative permits related to land use and construction also form part of our legal expertise in real estate. We are continuously dealing with, inter alia, matters related to planning (particularly rural real estates’ shore planning) and the permitted building volume of real estate, environmental issues related to the use and improvement of rural real estates as well as permits concerning soil extraction. We also act for our clients in road construction proceedings pursuant to the Private Roads Act and in compensation matters related to expropriation.

In addition to competence in the ‘traditional’ real property law, Alfa also has strong knowledge of law related to housebuilding and building contracts. We master the General Conditions for Building Contracts (“YSE 1998”) and the case law concerning their application. We represent our clients in building contract disputes, in which the financial interests are typically considerable. Our clients consist of both property developers and contractors.