Law of Succession and Family Law

After the storm the sun always comes out.”
– Kari Tapio

Alfa’s attorneys have several decades of experience in estate administration and distribution, partition of the joint estate of the spouses, and issues related to parental responsibility, visiting rights, children’s living arrangements and maintenance. We have specialised expertise in the law of succession and family law. In attending to assignments, we also take into account the human side of the matters, which has pronounced relevance in this legal field.

Our attorneys, who specialise in the law of succession and family law, draft for our clients, for example, estate inventory deeds, estate distribution instruments, wills and testaments, prenuptial agreements, agreements on the distribution of matrimonial assets, agreements between common law partners, deeds of donation and contracts of sale. In the last few years we have also prepared numerous trusteeship power of attorneys by which a person can pre-arrange the handling of their matters in case he subsequently becomes incapable of taking care of his matter as a result of deteriorating health, for example.

The possibility of tax planning is closely connected to property arrangements made within the family during its members’ lifetime and legal acts prepared in case of death. We are familiar with all matters related to inheritance and gift taxation. In drafting an agreement for our client concerning ownership arrangements, we expound the fiscally appropriate measures in order to achieve the end result desired by the client.

The European Union’s Inheritance Regulation applicable as of August 2015 will substantially affect our national legislation. We have familiarised ourselves with these future changes well in advance and will take their effect into account when attending to assignments related to estate planning.

At times death or divorce leads to a conflict when either parties to an estate or former spouses cannot agree on matters related to distribution of assets. We act as District Court-appointed administrators and executors in divorces and deceased persons’ estates and advise our clients in disputes connected to distribution of matrimonial assets and distribution of estates.