Dispute Resolution

The successful conduct of civil litigation requires skill, which in turn necessitates the attorney to master a plethora of issues.

The attorney responsible for the proceedings before the court or arbitral tribunal must perform a thorough clarification at the commencement of the assignment, identify the legal problems that are significant for the outcome of the case, evaluate the client’s possibility to win the case, and choose tactics and explain to the client the risks involved. Settlement of a dispute is often a more expedient alternative to full-scale legal proceedings. If settlement seems feasible, it is best to strive for settlement from as early on as possible.

A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.”
– Robert Frost

At times, civil litigation or arbitration remains as the only alternative to settle a disagreement. We know from experience that civil cases are not won merely with substantive legal knowledge. In addition to substantive matters, the attorney has to master the procedural rules concerning the dispute settlement procedure, plead the right issues at the correct time in the proceedings and present the client’s arguments to the court in a clear and well-parsed manner. Quick situational awareness and clear-sightedness are required in hearing witnesses. In practice, these will only develop through experience gained by sitting in the court rooms.

Alfa has extensive knowledge and experience in various civil cases. We take care of disputes concerning construction, intellectual property rights, commercial contracts, annulment or protest proceedings of decisions by General Meetings of Limited Companies, payment demands concerning collection of receivables, disputes concerning the law of inheritance, matters related to children and labour law. Our expertise also includes litigation concerning moisture and mould damaged apartments, in which field our firm handles a considerable amount of cases throughout Finland. In addition to contractual disputes, we also act as counsel for our clients in disputes under tort law, such as cases related to compensation for environmental damages or injuries suffered by patients during medical treatment.

We represent our clients in Finland in general courts of law (District Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court), special courts of law and arbitral tribunals. The focus of our activities is in civil litigation, but we also handle complex economic offences and administrative procedures in administrative courts.