Business Law

Alfa has comprehensive competence in legal matters related to organising entrepreneurial activities and to situations of change. Our business law services cover company law, company reorganisations and drafting of commercial contracts. We also represent our client companies in court and at arbitral tribunals in disputes concerning entrepreneurial activities.

The most important instrument governing entrepreneurship in Finland is the Limited Liability Companies Act. The present legislation allows limited liability companies to organise their activities relatively freely within the scope of their articles of association, although companies need to follow the obligatory requirements arising from the Limited Liability Companies Act, such as the requirements concerning creditor protection and the status of minority shareholders. Alfa’s attorneys specialised in business law are proficient in company law. We provide our clients with assistance, for example, in establishing a company, drafting shareholder agreements, mergers and divisions as well as in various issues related to the administration, decision-making procedures and financing of a limited liability company. We are also familiar with special enactments governing other company forms.

We have extensive experience in corporate acquisitions and company reorganisations. Our attorneys have counselled both buyers and sellers of companies in various-sized transactions for over 20 years. We prefer straightforward methods in the implementation of corporate acquisitions. In our opinion, it is not necessary to involve several lawyers in the handling of a corporate acquisition assignment: good results can be achieved with a small group of experts, in which case the acquisition can be implemented at a considerably lower cost.

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.”
– Richard Branson

We advise our client companies in the drafting of commercial contracts. To mention a few examples, we have drafted a large number of agent and resale agreements, licence agreements, co-operation agreements and international delivery contracts. We master the provisions regulating commercial activity and product liability as well as the contract law governing financing and collateral security arrangements. We also draft contracts between companies and their executives.

We always consult with our European co-operation partners if the content of a contract requires a detailed understanding of the legislation of another country.